Video: Are Simplified Acquisition Contracts Searchable? | USFCR Academy Live

Nov 20, 2019 4:15:22 PM / by David Rockwell posted in USFCR Academy, Advanced Procurement Portal (APP), Simplified Acquisition Program (SAP), Videos

Many federal contracts that fall under the Simplified Acquisition Threshold are searchable in Contract Opportunities in the Advanced Procurement Portal (APP). In this video clip, USFCR's training team provides some sound advice on how to locate Simplified Acquisition federal contract opportunities. You will also learn when these smaller contracts do not show up in the searchable database.

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Video: 4 Little Known Facts about Government Contracting

Nov 19, 2019 4:03:55 PM / by David Rockwell posted in USFCR Academy, General Government Contracting, Videos

Do you know the best way to find your target agency? Want to know why some of your past performance is invisible to contracting officers? Learn the answers to four little known facts in this USFCR Academy Live excerpt.

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Video: Join The Network on USFCR Academy Live

Nov 4, 2019 10:50:33 AM / by David Rockwell posted in Videos

USFCR Academy Live is a social networking group where government contractors lead the show. This program allows people who are winning government contracts to interact with one another, learn the best ways to succeed with government contracts and connect with the world's largest and most trusted third-party registration firm, US Federal Contractor Registration.

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Strange Contracts Signed by The U.S. Government Video

Oct 30, 2019 4:37:49 PM / by David Rockwell posted in USFCR Academy, General Government Contracting, Videos

Did the Department of Defense actually spend $4,000 on creative movement classes? Find out about that contract and other strange procurements of the U.S. government in the video below.

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How does FEMA buy from Small Businesses? Video

Sep 11, 2019 1:42:00 PM / by David Rockwell posted in Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Videos

When and How does FEMA buy from small businesses. FEMA is a special agency. FEMA is what I call a "living agency." FEMA grows and changes with every new disaster. We as a government, as a people, we learn from each disaster. We learn from the mistakes that we've made and we try and move forward and provide better disaster recovery assistance in the future based on learning from prior incidents. FEMA stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency. And they do buy from small businesses.

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Communicating with Email to Contracting Officers Video

Sep 3, 2019 3:07:00 PM / by David Rockwell posted in Guides, Videos

If you can make your company known to a contracting officer before bidding, you are going to improve your chances of winning government contracts. Reaching out to them through email is an effective way to accomplish this. Get more responses to your B2G emails with the tips in this video.

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The Formula for Cost Proposals on Government Contracts

Apr 17, 2019 2:42:00 PM / by Alex Siniari posted in Information for New Vendors, Videos

In this clip, former Raytheon Director of Pricing and Estimating Ellen Beebe provides the formula for cost proposals.
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Breakdown of FAR Parts 12 and 15

Apr 17, 2019 2:26:00 PM / by Alex Siniari posted in USFCR Info, Videos

Former Raytheon Director of Pricing and Estimating Ellen Beebe gives a breakdown of FAR parts 12 and 15 in this video clip. 
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How to Write Effective Capabilities Statements for Your Business Video

Feb 22, 2019 1:38:00 PM / by David Rockwell posted in General Government Contracting, Videos

Capabilities Statements are super important for government contractors. To write a good capability statement is to get your foot in the door with federal purchasing agents and prime contractors. These one page documents show what your business does and how you do it.

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Is the War Dogs Movie Realistic? Federal Bid Trainer John Wayne II Reacts Video

Jan 10, 2019 1:40:00 PM / by David Rockwell posted in General Government Contracting, Videos

War Dogs is based on a true story, but is it actually how government contracting works in real life? Can a small start-up business win big with the government by just using a few tricks?

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